Available Services

At our initial session we will decide whether or not to begin our work together.  If it appears that you may be better served by another therapist, I will help you by providing referrals. 

I am licensed by the State of Tennessee as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Individual Therapy Services


We will address the emotional, physical, cognitive and behavioral aspects of how you are feeling


I use cognitive-behavioral, and mindfulness techniques to help you manage your thoughts and feelings.

Life Transitions

Transitions like job loss, aging, menopause, relocating and career changes can be disorienting. It often helps to talk through your feelings and find ways to cope with change that really work.

Pregnancy Loss and Post-Partum Depression

Miscarriage is a loss that society often minimizes. As someone who understands first hand how devastating a pregnancy loss can be, I can help you navigate this grief process. Post-partum depression is a serious condition for which there is treatment and hope, often involving a combination of psychotherapy and medication.


I am familiar and comfortable with the 12-step recovery model.  I see psychotherapy as an adjunct to participation in a 12 step recovery program, especially in “second stage” recovery, when sobriety has been maintained for several months, and the work of understanding the genesis of the addiction truly begins.

Sexual Compulsivity

I have experience in working with people whose sexual behavior has become compulsive, disconnected from a true expression of healthy sexuality.

Divorce Recovery

Divorce knocks most of us off our feet, and getting help to re-build your life can make all the difference in how happy you are as a single, and how healthy your next relationship will be.

Couples Therapy Services

Relationship Therapy

The goal of our work is to untangle the dynamics of your relationship and explore how each of you contributes to the difficulty and to realize that each of you has the potential to change those patterns.

Premarital Counseling

We will explore the strengths and vulnerabilities of your relationship with an eye toward learning the skills to establish a healthy partnership and prevent future problems.

Marital Dissolution Counseling

This work is especially important for those who are ending their marriages and want to be as respectful and compassionate as possible toward their former partner. Parents who are divorcing benefit greatly from having professional help in transitioning from a coupleship to a co-parenting relationship.

Family Therapy Services

Parenting Consultation

Parenting is one of life’s biggest challenges, and something for which most of us get little preparation. I help parents find creative ways to solve parenting problems and teach their children to be disciplined and responsible. The goal of this work is to create a respectful, peaceful atmosphere in your home that helps parents and children function at their best.

Step-family Counseling

Blending families is tricky, complicated and always interesting! I help families learn to communicate about differences, and find common ground as they establish new rituals and new boundaries.

Family Therapy

Family relationships are dynamic, complex and sometimes overwhelming. We create a safe space to work through problems together.


Some people may prefer doing teletherapy sessions over meeting in person. There are several benefits to conducting teletherapy sessions that can offset its limitations. One benefit is efficiency. Teletherapy reduces travel time to and from the office and makes psychotherapy more convenient for those with tight schedules, or for people who live a considerable distance away from my office. Reducing commute time has the added benefit of being better for the environment. Teletherapy makes continuing therapy possible even when either me or my client is well enough to meet, but too ill to come into the office. I offer teletherapy sessions on the weekends, which can be a benefit for those who cannot leave their jobs during the daytime, and for those who are caring for small children. My teletherapy site is This site is HIPPA compliant and secure. You may prefer to do a phone session as well. 

Clinical Consultation Services

Clinical Consultation for Psychotherapists

Cynthia Ezell, LMFT offers Clinical Case Consultation with her colleague, Jamie Kyne, PhD for licensed psychotherapists who want to increase their competence by utilizing both instruction and group feedback. The group meets on alternate Monday mornings from 9:15-10:45 and begins with conversation on a clinical article the group has read. The remainder of the group time is spent on case presentation and consultation. Every fourth meeting is what we call Forum, a chance to ask questions and get advice on anything related to the practice of psychotherapy: billing and fees, ethical issues, record keeping, or work/life balance. The maximum number of group members is 6. Contact Cynthia if you are interested in being on a waiting list for our next opening.

Couples Therapy Consultation and Training

Therapists usually take one of three approaches to working with couples. There are those who jump into working with couples right out of graduate school thinking they have received the skills they will need to be effective couples therapists in their training program. Another group of therapists is intimidated by the challenges they realize couples therapy presents, and limit their practice to individuals only. Another group realizes that working with couples requires specialized skills and they work to augment their clinical training.

The Couples Therapy Consultation and Training group is designed for the third group of therapists. In each consultation meeting, we will spend thirty minutes learning the fundamental theories and goals of different couples therapy approaches. The last hour will be spent with two group members alternately presenting a case and receiving case consultation from me and their peers. The case consultation model has been proven to be effective in helping not only the presenter learn new skills and gain insight, but in helping participants become more skillful in navigating the complexities of couples therapy. The group also becomes a community that serves as a source of referrals, information, and support.

The group meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month from 4:15-5:45. The cost for the group is $65.00 and the group number is limited to six members. Please contact Cynthia if you are interested in participating.

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