Hello, I am

Cynthia Ezell, LMFT, MFA

Psychotherapist & Author


I am licensed by the State of Tennessee as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I am a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist and a Certified Group Psychotherapist.


I am a graduate of the New Directions Writing and Critical Thinking program at the Washington Center for Psychoanalysis and a graduate of Spalding School of Creative and Professional Writing.

About Cynthia Ezell, LMFT

I received my Master’s degree at the University of Memphis in 1988 and have been providing individual, couples and family therapy in the Nashville Area since 1990. Involvement in the community as both a psychotherapist and a citizen has been important to me and has lead to my participation with the Nashville Psychotherapy Institute and to my involvement with the task force that established the Eating Disorders Coalition of Tennessee. For several years I authored a parenting advice column in the Nashville Parent magazine entitled “Growing Up”. I both speak and write often about psychotherapy, southern culture, and family relationships.

My writing career began at age eight as a travel writer documenting my family’s one and only cross country camping trip. Highlights included my father’s panic attack during a wind storm in rural New Mexico and learning to snap my fingers.

Writing is a way to process thoughts and experiences, to give them a shape and a voice and a place to live. My writing inspiration comes from the intersection of relationships and the natural world, and an insatiable curiosity about the capacities of the human heart.

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