Life is difficult. We often find ourselves presented with challenges that seem overwhelming: A broken heart. A shattered relationship. A depression that we can’t shake, no matter how hard we try. An addiction that has begun to control our life. A decision to make when the options seem so tangled we can’t find our way through.

For over twenty years, I have been helping people navigate these challenges and find more effective ways of coping with life's unexpected twists and turns. Therapy begins with my listening carefully and respectfully to your story. Understanding your history is crucial to our working together to find more effective solutions to your current challenges. My training in psychodynamic psychotherapy and family systems theory helps me understand the ways you have made sense of yourself and your world, and how those familiar beliefs about yourself may be keeping you from living life as fully and joyfully as you can. I have training in a variety of therapeutic approaches and will use the methods and skills most appropriate for the problems you are currently experiencing.


My style of working with clients is to combine psychodynamic theory with cognitive-behavioral techniques. Psychodynamics is the theory and practice of seeing current emotional difficulties in light of early life experiences. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is focused on helping individuals change their thinking about themselves and their situation, and employ new behaviors that reinforce healthy boundaries and self-care. Change happens when we understand the roots of our problems, we explore our feelings and cognitions and we embrace new, healthier behaviors that lead to better outcomes. My role is to help you move through those stages and discover your own strengths and capacities. Careful listening, educated and honest feedback and gentle direction are part of what I bring to the therapeutic relationship. You bring yourself and your willingness to make the changes necessary to make your life more rewarding.

One day you knew what you had to do and began…………. Mary Oliver